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Learn how to create Reels & Carousels for Instagram step-by-step. How to find TikTok trends and jump on them for your hotel. Get Email Marketing working on auto pilot to deliver Sales. Sail into 2023 with your Digital Marketing done!

28 October 2022  
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The best digital marketing training, especially created for Irish hospitality sector

You've heard about Niche Markets, right? Ireland is pretty niche alright. It's a tiny country with a total population that is a small percentage of even our neighbours in London!  The hospitality sector makes up a small proportion of our economy. And within that, hoteliers, a rare and special breed, who I love to work with, make up a small portion of that. So if you're reading this, and you're thinking this is the course for me - you're right! I made this especially for you. Find out more about this course here.

These are some of the hotels I've worked with...


I've worked with lots of people at all levels, and I can safely say I've got a handle on who you are and what makes you tick. Most importantly there is no bla bla in this digital marketing course that I've created for you. What do I mean by that? Well, there's no lectures on why you need Instagram and TikTok in your social media mix. It assumes you know that already, and shows you how to work those two platforms to your best advantage - and show off your hotel.  It doesn't just talk about paid social and the values it can bring; instead, there's a 2 hour session that takes you through all the steps on how to set up and run your first campaign. And yes, we cover ad budgets! 

Practical digital marketing training especially for:

  • Sales & Marketing Manager (I'll be making you think of marketing as well as sales!)
  • Digital Marketing Manager (newly promoted - congratulations!)
  • Marketing Manager (God love you with a title so broad!)
  • Receptionist who has been told to 'do social' (don't worry we'll help you)
  • General Manager who is hands on (respect bro')

Take a closer look at what you'll learn:


 Beta Testers 2021 

Louise McGee

Mount Errigal Hotel

“I looked forward to every week. Liked that we took what we learned each week and put it into practice. This was key for me as I like to learn through implementing and actually doing the work and getting the results.” 


 Spring Training 2022 

Kathleen Purcell

Freelance Digital Marketer, Hotels Sector

“I was very impressed with this course. It has all the latest trends, platforms and technologies covered. Interactive, informative and very practical! You use all the examples and can get really creative. I would highly recommend this course to hotel industry professionals who are savvy with digital marketing and need to sharpen their skills to become a pro!"

Starts 8 Feb 2023

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Let's get started
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