Apps For Life: The Top Three 

2 September 2016  
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Check your apps on your phone. Can you find an amazing app that isn’t your favourite social media network? Here’s 3 of our top apps for life that you need to make your daily struggles that little bit easiereasier.  Some of these apps are necessary to live. I’m not exaggerating, I promise.

Apps For Life

Here’s the three I absolutely could not, and would not, live without.

1.  Last Pass

Does your inbox contain more Reset Password emails then you would care to admit? Whether you juggle multiple logins for work, or simply find it hard to keep track of all your personal accounts, we have just the tool for you.

Last Pass is a password secure storage non-social media app that will change the way you browse online. Simply set up a free account and add all your current passwords into it. Then, whenever you visit a site you’ve been to before, Last Pass will sign in for you. Simples!

The way it works is that you download Last Pass to your computer, and create an account. This creates your vault.  After that you never have to remember a password again. This means the only password you need to remember is your master one.

Once you remove the need to ‘remember’ your passwords, you can start using those long multiple character type passwords that your IT Manager will love you for!

To do this you can use the password generator feature on Last Pass.

apps for life

Who hasn’t experienced the drudgery of inventing a password with capitalisation, numbers, punctuation, and the blood of a small squirrel ?

Just use Last Pass to invent some gobblygook that, guess what, you won’t have to remember!

Last Pass is one of those apps for life that will change everything for the better – no matter who you are! If you’re in the business of juggling different accounts for clients, you can’t live without it!

Want to get your hands on this nifty tool? Download it today for free and thank us later!

2.  Prey

Don’t be put off by the sinister sounding name – this apps for life is an absolute must have for anyone with an attachment to their electronic devices. Prey is a theft prevention software that essentially lies in wait for your command to keep an eye on your devices, or helps you to to uncover them if they’re ever lost or stolen.

Install it on your computer, phone – and as a bonus, it works for both Apple and Android. Once the software is a go, you can access it from any device.

It does exactly what it says on the tin. If your device is stolen – it preys on the thief and even takes their picture. It works with wifi and GPS so it locates where the user is and sends you reports as to where they are located. Perfect for you to hand right to the guards or to use to shame them on social media.

Download Prey for free today – before you do anything else!

You only have to remember to send a text message to your phone saying GOPREY to activate it.

So, what are you waiting for?


non-social media apps

This Image is from a Tumblr user’s cat who opened her laptop when Prey was activated.

3.  WhatsApp

As a way of quickly sharing video content (although it gets a little compressed). As a way of keeping in touch with family through a more private network than Facebook. As a way of hitting people at the bottom of the sales funnel.

WhatsApp is where it’s at.

I love it, I love that it’s encrypted. I love how easy it is to share and forward from it.

WhatsApp you are the one!

Have you any killer apps for life that you simply couldn’t live without? Let us know in the comments!

Let's get started

Let's get started
  1. Outside of social… the iTunes podcast app and Backgammon are my 2 go-to’s if I’m on a commute or waiting around

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