AI for Headshots: 3 Tools Reviewed

Lensa, TryItOn, and ProfilePicture - tested and reviewed. Spoiler: if you're a photographer, don't worry. Your job is safe! At least for now.

5 May 2023  
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This does not look like me!

The clothes are hideous. I would never wear anything like that. The hair isn't a style I've ever had, or wanted to have. And the face just isn't me. These are the professional headshots I got from an AI headshot app. Needless to say, I won't be using them. That was a €17 not well spent.

In today's digital age, having a good headshot is more important than ever. Whether it's for business or social purposes, a professional and engaging headshot often serves as the main touchpoint that people have when interacting with you. To respond to this need, there's an entire eco-system of AI tools designed to flatter you and make you look great in your headshots - or so they say.

My ChatGPT for Marketers course begins at the beginning and in week 1, we work closely on our LinkedIn profiles. A LinkedIn headshot is an essential, so I put the crew to test three AI Headshot Generator Tools and this is what we found.

AI Headshot Apps Reviewed


$17 for 100 headshots

No Free Trial

Delivered in 24 hours 

  • You have to upload 20 pictures.
  • It's a bit 'fecky' trying to get them to be the right size.
  • Wait time 17 - 24 hours!
  • You have to choose 2 style categories but it's not clear what they mean.


€29.99 per year

7 day trial for €3.50

  • Promises magic retouch and AI to enhance 
  • You have to upload 20 pictures
  • Didn't work on a Huaiwei phone
  • Didn't deliver stated number of images
  • Content Planning Meeting


$8 for 96 pictures in small size.

  • If you don't complete purchase, you get an email offer for 37% off 
  • Upload 20 pictures
  • Be prepared to do the work. You probably don't have 20 images you can use. I only had 12.
  • Tip: flip the image on a windows machine. Right click + edit creates a 'new' image.
  • 3 hours to get the photos back

TryItOn Promise


TryItOn Reality

It's only gone and given me American style crowns! 

Profile Picture

ProfilePic Promise


ProfilePic Reality


Inherent Bias

These apps are not trained on older people. I'm not sure what age they are trained on, but you can safely assume it's no one over 40. So it's not able to handle it. All the images come out looking just weird. Plus, the clothing choices are generic and outdated. It's like they think everyone over 40 wears beige T-shirts.

We've all heard about how these apps sexualise Asian women, but no one talks about how they make all women (and probably men too) above a certain age look like they belong in a different era.
Trust me, you don't want grandma's old portrait as your Facebook profile picture.  


Portrait, Headshot, or Avatar AI is not there yet.

Be prepared for disappointing results.

"From using ChatGPT I was expecting amazing things from this, but was totally disappointed" - said Caroline Stapleton, one of our course testers who mad me laugh out loud by sharing this shot where she has been styled to look like an air hostess!! 

She really does not look like this 👇🏻


You might get some shots back that you can use, but be prepared for the work of uploading 20+ shots that have to be just right, the wait to get returned, the cost, and then the disappointment as you scroll through looking for something passable. 

If you're a portrait photographer, carry on! No need to worry about losing your job to AI just yet!
If you're wearing a profile pic on your LinkedIn that is a little dated, hang in there for another while and wait until the tools improve.

Let's get started

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