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19 August 2014  
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When one of Brightspark’s clients referenced the high cost of newspaper ads and difficulty in measuring results, we came up with a package to recruit a very specific type of individual, in a low cost way, and with the added benefit of securing opt-in to keep the business in front of their minds.

Marketing automation software bolted onto online ads delivers success!

The goal was to reach cash rich professionals in the UK and Ireland.

  • We got busy with creatively worded and eye catching ads on LinkedIn and Google to reach potential applicants online.
  • The campaign was optimised daily to driven down costs per click (CPC) whilst maintaining positioning.
  • The landing pages captured email sign ups and those contacts were automatically added to a follow-up funnel provided by Irish marketing automation company, Motarme.

This was a mini campaign which made a big impression!

The reach completely blew our expectations and confirmed our messaging was hitting a sweet spot with the right people:

  • 2.3 million impressions on Google
  • 1.3 million impressions on LinkedIn
  • 7,000 click throughs in 28 days
  • Average time spent on the landing page was 3.08 minutes
  • A much smaller number of clicks came from LinkedIn, but they drove 12% of the overall total leads

Working with automation software provider Motarme we converted leads into relationships.

When you’re spending money to drive traffic to landing pages, it makes sense to channel the leads into an automated communication funnel, securing the opt-in and then delivering relevant content at timely intervals to keep your business in the front of minds of the people who engaged with your messaging.


Many ad campaigns just end at the landing page. Thanks to Motarme, we had the ability to continue the conversation, delivering content to these individuals who might not be ready to convert now, but might give us the conversion later.

We were super-impressed by the volume and quality of leads generated by Brightspark during this engagement. This is tough when you are running a highly targeted campaign focused on a very narrow demographic, but in this case the results speak for themselves.

Michael White, Managing Director, Motarme 

A much greater return on investment than boring newspaper ads! Anyone for chips?


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