7 Weird & Wonderful Images Created by Dall-E Mini 

Dalle is an AI image creator that creates realistic images from a text description.

7 July 2022  
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Dall-E is here! I made my first image today - see the panda on the surfboard below. It took 1 minute to create! Already there are Twitter accounts celebrating weird Dalle creations.  

Check out these 7 weird and wonderful images that greater minds than mine have played around with 

1. Super Mario Getting His Citizenship At Ellis Island

dall-e super mario

2. A Jackdaw Relaxing In A Spa with Cucumber On Its Eyes


3. A Real Life Fairy Accidentally Caught On Camera In The 1980's


4. A Meme From The Year 200 BC


5. Black Jesus


6. Gremlin on an airplane wing looking in the window at you, polaroid


7. Russian bear in a 1800's Russian hunting suit


Bonus - My Shot - Panda on a Surfboard


What's your favourite? Have these whetted your appetite to get creative and put your graphic designer out of business? 

Let's get started

Let's get started
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