3 Tips To Get Your Emails Into Inboxes (Not Promotions Tab) 

5 July 2018  
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You do a lot of work crafting emails, right? You want to be sure that they reach their intended destination? Here are 3 tips to avoid the campaigns tab:

  1. Encourage recipients to drag the email into the inbox

Instruct Recipients to Drag Messages to the Primary Tab

Like what I’ve just done on my most recent newsletter.

2.  Make the emails personal and appealing

You should be using the recipient’s first name (that’s just basic politeness!), but try and feature some items in your message that aren’t purely promotional, eg. right now a comment about the weather would work well! ???? This increases the likelihood of landing in that all important primary tab.


3.  Avoid spammy behaviour

The following are known to throw your email directly into spam folders:

  • Subject lines in all caps
  • Misleading subject lines that start with “Re:” even thought you haven’t communicated with that person previously
  • Emails about topics that are not relevant to the recipient based on what they tend to read

It’s also a good idea to have some text in your email confirmation when people sign up for your list to remind them to check their spam folder in case the email goes in there.

Overall be aware of the number of links and images in your emails.  A regular business email isn’t going to be laden down with links, so if you’re sending pushy promotional emails, that’s going to set a red flag. ????


Gmail uses AI  to determine who receives emails. So even if you apply all of the tips above, the Gmail app is going to learn in the background what interests you and will shortly only send emails based on what it knows you like best.

Finally – a solution to all those belly fat and Nigerian princes!

Brightspark does a regular monthly email. It tends to be well received. If you’d like us to help you with your email communications, please get in touch. We’ve been doing email marketing for clients since 2003.

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