10 Years Old Today 

25 September 2009  
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We’d like to wish happy birthday to Cora Barnes and the team at 3Q Catering.  3Q is 10 years in business today.

Cora Barnes is one of the whizziest dynamo women in business that I’ve ever known.

Whenever I hear about the new breed of entrepreneurs and how they’re making Ireland proud, it’s not the men in the grey suits that come to my mind, but Cora Barnes.  She’s obviously doing something right as her business has grown from strength to strength and she’s recently added a new subsidary that specialises in medical.  View Cora’s profile on LinkedIn. But work is not her only thing.  Like any hero of mine, she’s got a whole lot more going on:

  • Stylish to a tee.
  • Fun.  Always up for a laugh.
  • Has the right mix of work life balance – oh she also runs a charity for Argentinian children in her spare time
  • She’s young – set up her business when she was in her very early 20’s.
  • She is extremely generous with her time.  She mentors young business owners coming up, is an active Board member of many industry groups.

Happy birthday 3Q Catering. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do some work for you in that time.  Here’s to another decade – onwards and upwards!

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