Top 3 Social Media Content Mistakes + Bonus 1!

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Top 3 Social Media Content Mistakes that people are making today - plus 1 bonus one!

Top Social Media Content Mistakes that people are making today:

  1. Not using video – in 2017, according to Pattern89 (who analysed thousands of Facebook and Instagram ads), 93.4% of posts on Facebook were images, not video.  Consider this an opportunity… and a warning from me! Promote using video and cut through the noise.

2. Incorrect image dimensions. When you’re making content for Social Media, images or video, your phone should be horizontal. When you’re making stories, your phone is vertical. That is all.  Thank you!

3.  Too much text on images. Instagram loves beautiful images, so don’t cover them up with text.  Facebook has strict guidelines about text on images (the dreaded 20% rule), so just stick the text on the caption or description and you’ll be fine.

Bonus: Hashtag abuse is a thing. The big brands have reduced the number of hashtags they’re using in their posts in the last 12 months to about 5! So you should reduce yours too. Hashtags are great for getting your content in front of people who don’t already follow you, but it’s also really annoying for people to find your content on a totally unrelated hashtag search.  You have been warned!

I have a great Social Media Content Course for €99. If you want to avoid making rookie mistakes, or you’re a hardened hack and you want confidence that what you’re doing it right, sign up today.

I can teach you how to plan your content so you’re sailing through your social media like an effortless gazelle in a forest!

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