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I used to link my Twitter account to this page so people could check me out and see if I’m worth following on Twitter or not.

A bit about me on Twitter.  I’ve been using it daily since 16 March 2007.  I don’t publicise my Twitter account on my business card and other marketing material as Twitter is a place where I engage with my peers and be myself.  Update 2013: I do now, since I got my spanky new cards and website!  I use search, email, phone and face-to-face for talking to clients and people I wish to impress.  If you are a client, and you’ve found me, that’s great!  If you are impressed, all the better!

I think it’s very important to have it clear in your mind what you’re using Twitter for.

  • Conversations – it should always be about conversations and chat.  I use it predominantly for that.  I work largely alone and I miss out on the water cooler chat that goes on in large offices.  I get my water cooler chat through Twitter, but lucky me – my fellow conversationalists happen to be the smartest brightest people that are hand-picked and followed by me!
  • Questions – sometimes I prefer to ask the Twitterverse than go to Google.  Google results tend to be skewed towards those who have invested in search engine optimisation.  (Nothing wrong with that, if you want some of that, go here).   For example, the spelling and grammar police are alive and well on Twitter.  I find if I have a spelling/grammar question, the responses come thick and fast as you can see here).
  • Getting & Giving Help – in October 2007, the hard drive on my mac book pro failed.  This happened 22 days out of warranty and because I was using dot mac to back up data, I found it very difficult to find any of my stuff.  I put out a bleating Tweet (=general tone feeling sorry for myself) and I was literally inundated with offers of help.  The huge rush of generosity and human support still makes me smile.  Likewise, if I find someone having a bad day, I do my best to send some smiles their way.
  • Pimping – occasionally I use Twitter to pimp something.  A blog post I’m particularly proud of.  A piece of work that’s just gone live.  A new furniture assembly and kitchen installation business.

There are many other uses for Twitter, but these are what I use it for.  If you are interested in learning more about how you can use Twitter, get in touch and we can have a conversation.

Now will you do us a favour?

Please let me know if you do decide to follow.  You can do this by addressing a message to me, like this @maryrose (then say whatever you like).  I have the follow notifications turned OFF because it was just getting too noisy.  The downside of this is that I sometimes miss out on great people who are following that I could follow back.  So if that’s you, just let me know you’re there and I’ll follow back.

You’ll notice that my approach is as far from the creepy automatic DM some people send when you start to follow them!

That’s it from me for now.  I hope we get to chat on Twitter, shoot the breeze, share links, help each other out.  See you there.

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